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Chill, Eezzi, Ayo and Andi are creators and curators Queer Cruising. Ignite! 2023


Ayo and Andi are managing and coordinating and you are welcome to contact us with questions and thoughts at skinshipberlin(at) 

We would love to hear from you! You will hear back within 1-2 days. If you write us your number in an email, we are also happy to call you back.


Ayo Gry (they/he) is a Berlin-based, born in Denmark, pleasure positive (s)explorer, and artistic collaborator, with a professional background in Performance Design, Sexological Bodywork and Mind/Body Therapy. On a daily basis Ayo works as a practitioner of embodied therapy.They co-founded Skinship_Berlin in 2020, where they are facilitating embodied queer-centred spaces, to research and develop our relationships to our bodies and sense of belonging to self, others and the planet.  

insta: @touchedbodywork


mel/ eeeezzii (they /them)  is a stinky raccoon, from the bad-bitches TrashÉee tribe, a gender expanding self-help comedy devotee, and a productive chaos and care facilitator. They are lubricating your most sexual fantasies as Crimeboss of The Institute for Happy Endings a video production house.  As a Goofsexual Sexonaut they passionately offer their services as a tour guide through your sensations cruising the WOW Dimension nationally and intergalactically :-).  Their Group-self they dips their tentacles in various Cauldrons of the arts, weird therapies, the basement, the bath, the inner dungeons where feelings are valid, sexological bodywork, queer somatic sex coaching and education, cuddle workshops and activism engaged in a peer to peer survivor run initiatives tackling sexual harassment, sexism and abuse of power in schools and institutions. They initiated Skinship_a touch based place for kinship_, a Queer centred space in Berlin.  They are allergic to textiles, love animals and collective spell brewing, so bing in all your spices, sexxxy juicessss&jizzzissss and let’s start cooking !


Pawel aka Chill came from the black hole of the universe as an Anal Wxtch. Chill identifies as a queer non binary alpha femme from the bad bitches tribe. Sexonaut on the cruise through Pleasure Galaxis and WOW Dimensions. Chill is heartfullly dedicated to the studies of anal pleasure and the holistic befefits of anal bliss. Multitalented Babe sharing their magic on theater stages, dance floors, kitchen and in bed. Chill is a street worker for queer visibility and an erotic dancer for plants. Self expression is a healing modality - let's unapologetically be hot, Sexy and fearless.



Andi (they/them) is a creature of Chinese descent, born in a village in Switzerland which resulted in a bizarre and funny soup. They dedicate their work to pleasure activism. They flow through space as a multi-disciplinary artist, facilitator and community organiser in the juicy intersections of sexological bodywork, transformative justice, performance and magic with a focus on expanding compassion and love. ✨They work at GLADT e.V organising supporting the QTI*BIPoC community 💦 


insta: @andrealeilei


Website Design: 🪐 ella hebendanz 

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