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💗 What?

Queer Cruising. Ignite! 2023 is a playful research field to explore joy, desires, fantasies and connections to other humans and nature in a public space. We are inviting for a curated eco-sensual journey, which plays with existing choreographies of the tradition of gay cruising, adding our knowledge and tools on how to create pleasure positive, respectful, playful, intimate healing experiences. Practising good consent, communication, touch and diverse nervous systems awareness. As well as meeting and greeting the complexities, the shame and shadows related to queer desires and living anno 2023.


The workshops and ceremonies are always body-based, pleasure-oriented, experimental and artistic. We use somatic practices, radical self-expression, games and exercises that raise body awareness, encourage and break our patterns and habits related to our bodies, attractions, as well as our sense of belonging to self, each other and to nature.

💗 How do I find it?

Plänterwald is located in the middle of Berlin and stretches over 89 hectares of forest. The location of Queer Cruising. Ignite! 2023, is a 10 min walk from the east entrance of the forest. This is the entrance closest to Baumschulenweg S-Bahn. 



Google maps coordination: 52,4756920, 13,4895523 


We will be at the same location each time, unless something else is announced in the specific workshop description. 


From Baumschulenweg S is 15 min walk.

From Treptower Park S is 40 min walking or 15 min biking. 

From Plänterwald S is 20 min walking. 

Bus 165 and 166 stops right outside with only a 6 min walk.

The mosquitos love us! we will have some repellent spray there - however, we do recommend long clothes and to check yourself for ticks afterwards.
We will provide some blankets, feel free to bring yours along too.


💗 Who is welcome?

We welcome all self identified queers who are open to an exploration of desire and playfulness, to build connections to oneself, to others and to nature. 

💗 Registration

Please book a free ticket via our sign-up page on eventbrite. This is for us to get an idea about how many will participate in the event. The max capacity for tickets is 50. Please cancel your ticket directly from eventbrite, as someone else will be able to take your spot. There is a waiting list if the maximum number is reached. If a person releases their spot, all people on the waiting list automatically receive an email with an invitation to accept it.  Can you come spontaneously? It would be really great if you register online. But we will not reject people who show up.

💗 Accessibility

The forest is accessible for wheelchairs from most of the entrances and we will try to accommodate the needs for different kinds of physical disabilities. Some of the workshops that are not wheelchair accessible, this will be mentioned in the workshop description. If you are planning to come and are using a wheelchair, it is important that you send us an email beforehand, so we can change the location for the workshop.


💗 Toilets

The forest will be the happy receiver of fluids we wish to share. We have toilet paper if you need. In case someone needs a flush toilet, we have access to a private one which is 20min walk from the location. The building is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible. 


💗 Food & Drinking

We highly recommend that you bring your own lunch packages and water. Especially if you plan to participate in all of the weekend workshops. We will have 1h break between 2 workshops, for eating, socialising and resting. The nearest fast food in the area is quite a walk away from the location. We will provide basic snacks. 


💗 Costs 

The workshops are all free. There will be a slutty donation box which would be super happy to be praised and fuelled for future projects.


💗 Awareness

We will be in a public space and also for us this is an experimental field - we are learning as we go. There are challenges regarding the practicalities and logistics. We invite you to move with curiousity and create it together. We are glad to receive any feedback.

We want to create a container where everyone can feel as comfortable as possible.

At the same time, we would like to ask everyone involved to take responsibility for themselves. Therefore, please pay attention to your needs and boundaries, communicate them and respect the boundaries and needs of others.


Racist, anti-queer/trans, ableistic or otherwise discriminatory behaviour and repeated crossings of boundaries will not be tolerated. During the workshops you can speak to the one of the 2 facilitators. Besides that, there will be 1-3 supporters from the curators present. You will meet them doing the introduction. 


💗 Is this a sex party?

Hmm, what is sex? This is something we are very curious about. We wish to create a touch, intimate and pleasure positive space, where consent and communication is key. We believe that sex is much more than genital arousal and we want to invite all our senses and the whole body into experiences of pleasure and connection. The workshops will be very different and if you wish to know more specifically about the level of sexual arousal that are invited, feel free to contact the facilitators or us directly.


💗 Previous experiences

Welcome for all levels of experiences <3

💗 Corona

Luckily the forest is blessing us with its fresh air. However we might get close with breath, fluids and touch. Luckily this is a space where we practise consent and we highly encourage you to practise to voice what you need for your corona safety. We provide both schnell tests, masks and disinfection. If you arrive and you feel symptoms, we provide quick test and masks on the spot. 


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