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8th July

14:00 - 17:00

19th June

18:30 - 21:30


8th July

18:00 - 21:00

25th June

15:00 - 17:00


24th July



25th June

18:00 - 21:00


17:00 - 20.00

11th August


12th August



11th August



12th August



12th August

14:00 - 17:00



13th August


*The program, time and facilitators are still in the making and are subject to changes.


13th August


2 Strip-Tees

🧡 Opening Ritual - seductive hide & seek

Monday, 19th of June 2023 (unfortunately not wheelchair friendly)

PLÄNTERWALD, 18:30 - 20:30

Hosted by Skinship_Berlin //  Eezi, Andi & Ayo


We invite you to the opening of a 3 month earth based sensual queer playground. Looking for a summer crush? Smell the warm soil, let your skin be brushed by the grass and your body be held by the wrinkled oak or twink birch. Earth is our primary lover. Connect. Make love. Soften hearts. Laugh.


To open the playground, we introduce a new game. Queer Cruising. Ignite! 2023 -  

SEDUCTIVE HIDE & SEEK. Combining the anticipation of being found or finding, with practising skills for communicating desires and fantasies.


Sexyness is a state of mind. See you in the wild!

Find out more about Eeezi, Andi and Ayo on facilitators page🌱

💜 Strip-trees & Leef-dance: a sensual outdoor Art-of-Teasing workshop

Sunday, 25th of June 2023 (unfortunately not wheelchair friendly)

PLÄNTERWALD, 15:00 - 17:00

Hosted by Kaya and Kalil


Join us for an immersive outdoor workshop that celebrates the intersection of queerness, ecosensuality, and body empowerment. Our workshop offers a safe and supportive space where participants can explore their sensuality, express their authentic selves, and connect with nature. Led by experienced facilitators, this workshop blends elements of strip-tease and lap dance techniques with a focus on pleasure and body positivity, while exploring new ways of engaging with our bodies and connect with our natural surroundings.

Note: No prior experience in dance or performance is necessary.

We know it’s (finally) Summer but bring a couple of extra layers to strip down!

Due to the instability of the outdoor ground, this workshop is unfortunately not accessible to wheelchair users. We do believe that lapdance/striptease is definitely accessible to all bodies as there are no limits to creativity, that’s why we are looking forward to holding this workshop in a more suitable set-up next time.

Find more info about Kalil and Kaya on the facilitators page 🍭

💙 Cruising Consent workshop

Sunday, 25th of June 2023

PLÄNTERWALD, 18:00 - 21:00

Hosted by Deborah and EeezZi


Boundary Boss! A consent workshop.
Struggling with intimacy? Expressing needs while respecting boundaries? Train your mind, but what about those gut feelings? How do we listen to our body's wisdom?
Learn giving, receiving, and boundaries—honoring others' while understanding our own. Strengthen less-practiced areas and uncover conditioned tendencies. Welcome to BOUNDARY GYM, where we flex those boundary muscles! Boundaries aren't just physical, but emotional, psychological, and spiritual. Self-awareness empowers us to communicate needs, express desires, and set limits. Choosing what we want is powerful and self-loving.
Our nervous system is key to consent. Feeling safe in our bodies is vital for making choices and agreements. Safety brings ease; feeling unsafe triggers stress. Understand our nervous system, sensations, and different states to create safety and choice. In this safety, we engage with others and establish clear agreements.
Relational learning space. Influenced by social justice and intersectional feminism. Slow down, feel situations in our bodies, focus on ourselves, and support each other. Learn tools aligned with our well-being, authenticity, goals, and values. Deepen kindness, respect, and empathy among with each other. 

Find out more About Eezzi and Deborah on the faciliators page💋


🌴💕Queer Fantasies and Archetypes 💕🌴/ part 1

Saturday, oth of July 2023 (unfortunately not wheelchair friendly)

PLÄNTERWALD, 14:00 - 17:00

Hosted by eeeeeezzii and Chill

🟣“There is an erotic charge in opposites integrating.
There is an erotic charge where aspects of our selves felt forbidden, or where we may have had an experience of being punished.
There is an erotic charge of bringing back agency.
There is an erotic charge around struggle and in surrender.
There is an erotic charge around exploring power.
There may be erotic charges around aspects of yourself that haven’t had the opportunity to play.” Katie Sara
🟠In this FUN erotic role play workshop we take you on a self inquiry journey to explore queer sexual fantasies and archetypes. Studying our erotic phantasies allows us to gain more insights about our turn-ons and we are doing that so we can create more exciting, pleasurable and fulfilling experiences for ourselves. Do you know your lust language or what your phantasy realm is like? What aspects of your erotic self want to be seen and feel empowered by giving it attention?
🟢Let’s explore. 🔴Let’s shine. 🟣Let’s integrate together. 🟡Let’s play together.🟠
Find out more About Eeeeezzi and Chill on the faciliators page💋


💕🌴Community Nudes 🌴🌈/ part 2

Saturday, oth of July 2023 (unfortunately not wheelchair friendly)

PLÄNTERWALD, 18:00 - 21:00

Hosted by eeeeeezzii and Chill

🌈We are going to celebrate body positivity, unapologetically step into the spotlight and give ourselves permission to be excessively erotic and irrespirable hot!  🔥🔥🔥
💕Babe! It’s your turn to take up the space!
💚This workshop is an invitation to be creative together and to further explore the realm of erotic imagination and queer archetypes. With your phone camera we are going to capture it in a scene in which you are the A list protagonist of your own dreams. Click! Click! Click! Together we are going to be playful in creating archetypes that bring spice and healing to our lives and our community. Bring your outfits, power objects, make-up, wigs and accessories that help you step into an empowered role. Don’t forget to charge your phone. 🌈🌈📱🌈🌈

Find out more About Eeeeezzi and Chill on the faciliators page💋

💕🌿Dry Humping or the art of seducing (with) your pelvis🌿💕

Monday, July 24th (unfortunately not wheelchair friendly due to the instable forest ground, no other pre- knowledge necessary)

PLÄNTERWALD, 18:00 - 21:00

Hosted by Marin and Kuem

Dry humping is the most primal form of sexual engagement, often laden with shame from our childhood experiences, frowned upon as a ridiculous, unripe sexuality. We want to reclaim this very sexy and sensual way of getting all the feelings into our genitals, pelvis and body. What better way to do this in nature with a bunch of queers? 


You will be guided to get in touch with yourself, the surroundings and if you wish, your fellow creatures.. let the humping begin! A playful, sensual and respectful approach is key to our shared experience.


Bring something to drink, a light (phone), a light blanket or pillow and natural mosquito repellent. 


🌈🌴🌿☘️🌴Let`s have some fun! 🌈🌴🌿☘️
Find out more About Kuem and Marin on the faciliators page💋



🍀The Core Erotic Theme🌱
Friday, August 11th (Unfortunately not wheelchair accessible)

PLÄNTERWALD, 17:00-20:00

Hosted by Ayo & Andi

We are getting NERDY AND PLAYFUL about our eroticism and a deep dive into turn-ons 💦 The Core Erotic Theme is a concept developed by sexologist Jack Morin. According to his findings, core erotic themes influence our sexual/intimate life. They are intelligent, subconscious responses to the emotional climate we encountered in our formative years.

❤️‍🔥 In this workshop we will uncover 4 corner stones of eroticism, through play, connection and communication. This will help you to identify one or more of your Core Erotic Themes.

💋 When we open up to look at our subconscious desires, we can begin to play with more confidence and curiosity  and experience sexuality from a different perspective.

🌱 Bring a blanket, mosquito repellant, water bottle, your desired lunch snack and erotic curiosity.

💚 Unfortunately this workshop will not be wheelchair accessible. Write us an email with any questions regarding personal needs or accessibility.

Find out more About Ayo and Andi on the faciliators page💋

Friday, August 11th (Unfortunately not wheelchair accessible)

PLÄNTERWALD, 20:30-21:30

Hosted by Hugo & Jakob

💚 before queers cruised in the bushes, other species did it too: from birds-of-paradise mating dance spectacles to honey bees detaching each other's genitals in mid-flight; from trunkmasturbation of elephants to snake-orgies to mutual-impregnation of snails; from face-toface copulation of bonobos to devouring practices of praying mantises to monogamous mating of cranes.

the video-ritual “becoming another species” (& cruising like one) is part of the artistic research-project “rituals for the anthropocene” - a series of 12 video-rituals performed by hugo x tibiriçá, in collaboration with jakob klaffs, on how to survive in a human-dominated planet. it premieres exclusively as part of queer cruising ignite! 2023, with the invitation for all queers to take a moment to let go off the idea of being a human, become another species & explore novelty cruising practices in the bushes of plänterwald just as other species do it.
Find out more About Hugo and Jakob on the faciliators page💋

👾Drama Lama👹

Saturday, August 12th (Unfortunately not wheelchair friendly)

PLÄNTERWALD, 14:00-17:00

Hosted by Axel & Ayo

🐸 A playful and experimental workshop about attachment theory for queer people in all kinds of relationships.
How does it feel when the Drama Lama wakes up and needs attention?
How can we stay connected to a sense of trust and safety in our relationships, while also exploring the world outside of them?  What will Drama Lama need from you to stay connected to yourself?
And what does it mean to expand our sense of attachment to groups, communities, cultures and the natural world around us?


🌾 Through embodiment we will explore the mechanics of letting in, letting go and how to find your sweet spot of distance and/or closeness - with yourself and with those you intent to love a life time and those you love for a short moment.

🐝 Through discussion, movements and touch, we get curious about queerness and how different we all are in the dance of love, intimacy, safety, autonomy and sense of freedom.

🐍 Bring your blanket, water bottle, snack box, mosquito repellant and your honest heart,  ready to lean in and learn in a different way.

🐛 Write us an email if you have questions or some personal needs for participation. We are here to support you.
Find out more About Axel and Ayo on the faciliators page💋

🧚🐝Genderfluid Cruising - growing toward / growing away🧜🪲
Saturday, August 12th (Unfortunately not wheelchair friendly)

PLÄNTERWALD, 18:00-21:00

Hosted by Em & Hugo

what can we learn from nature about attraction & aversion?
is our attraction natural?
are human-made constructs—like racism, classism, ableism, cis-heteronormativity, conventional beauty standards—natural?

what happens when we temporarily suspend our attraction patterns? when we allow ourselves to interact with people we are not immediately drawn to?
what happens when we experiment with prioritizing how others smell or sound, how they feel to the touch or what aura they omit?
could this help in dreaming up more diverse collective futures?

come practice with us: we'll try and stay at the edges of our comfort zones, while also trying to stay within our windows of feeling safe-enough.

Find out more About Em and Hugo on the faciliators page💋


💫 Night Adventures 🌙 for Adrenaline 🌝 Seekers 🌚 🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛

ERWALD Entrance S-Baumschulenweg
Saturday 12/08 🖤 22.00 - 00.00
😈Hosted by Chill and Eeeezziï
(This night parkour in the forest challenges workshop's accessibility and  therefore is not wheelchair friendly.)

🖤 This is a shout out to all the night crawlers, naughty tricksters, friendly demons and fairies of the night to join the adrenaline boosting night adventure with Skinship.

🐈‍⬛Together We're going look for efficient ways  to  connect with each other and to become one body. We're going to explore the choreography of breathing, moving and sensing together as a collective body of pleasure. With playful instructions you'll be invited to let your inner  creature to play out, follow your desires and explore the endless grind possibilities of a juicy Policule Dance. We fuck like we dance and we dance like we fuck! We invite your Lusty selves to the carnal pleasure feast in motion.

💫This experience is for advanced players. We expect you to be able to respect your own and others boundaries and to be able to  communicate them effortlessly. You are able to express your needs, desires and fears with ease. You feel confident, enthusiastic , adventurous and self secured.

⭐️We ask you to bring as little extra stuff with you as possible. Don't forget your water bottle and a charged phone, that could be eventually used as a torch. We ask you to be on time (we can wait max 10min min for the late comers) then we will immerse ourselves into the darkness of the forest for the adventure to unfold. Joining after our collective departure won't be possible.

Meeting at 22:00 at the entrance to Planterwald from the side of Baumschulenweg S-bahn station.

🍀❤️‍🔥🍀Cuddle Cruising workshop🍀❤️‍🔥🍀

Sunday, August 13th

PLÄNTERWALD, 12:00-15:00

Hosted by Aïsha & Ayo

Cuddling Cruising is like a slow dance and you are invited to find your groove and rhythms with your own and other bodies.
Aisha, Ayo and the Plänterwald nonhuman spices will hold the space and introduce ways of moving, leaning, holding, touching and communicating for deepening connection.
Cuddle Cruising is a pleasure positive space where human pheromones and mycelium can spread and blume. We create slow embodied ways for feeling safe and connected as well as for celebration of our erotic cuddle bodies.
There will be different options for layers of intimacy, which will make it possible to explore what happens when we do or don't follow sexual desires. Consent is key and we will establish groud tools for verbal/nonverbal communication.
Bring a blankets, your stuffed animals, warm bodies, natural mosquito repellant and be ready to get high on oxytocin.

Unfortunately this workshop will not be wheelchair accessible. Write us an email if you have questions or needs to check in about resources available.   

🌾Closing Ceremony for Queer Cruising Ignite! 2023🌻

Sunday 13th. August 16.00-18.00
Hosted by Andi, Aïsha and Ayo
(Unfortunately not wheelchair friendly)

It's time to close what we opened 3 months ago: A earth based sensual expansion of queer cruising culture 💚
Invite your summer crushes to come smell the warm mos. Lean into the trees and soft forest soil, knowing now, that all this is part of what we are. The forest is loving and reliable in the unhuman dimensions of inclusive polycules.


🍀 We return to highlights, learning and new personal and collective perspectives on Queer Cruising. We share dreams and desires and blow gratitude to all we have been feeling, thinking, experiencing inside and outside and beyond our minds and bodies.

🐍 We will also return to a moderated version of the game SEDUCTIVE HIDE & SEEK. Combining the anticipation of being found or finding, with practising skills for communicating desires and fantasies.

🧚🏼‍♂️ Remember that sexyness is a state of mind. See you in the wilderness 🐸

🦄 Bring a blanket, water, mosquito repellant, your dreams and desires for future queer cruising and your perfect desirable body.
🌱 Let us know by email if you have any question or personal needs to come to the workshop. We are happy to support you.


Find out more about Aïsha, Andi and Ayo on the facilitators page 💚


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