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💗 Queer Cruising for all genitals, Ignite! 💗


‘Before the so-called gays were even called so, they were a nature-people already. Before this longing had a name, you would already meet in a park, away from the village, in the bushes, hidden from the court, out in the woods, beyond city margins, where the green is thick and heteropatriarchy gets confused. Because there are no straight roads, no walkways planned by architects, only vertiginous, tiny paths, created by the human desire to play, drawn into the soil & moss & grass by cunning

perverts: so-called gays in the so-called nature, the crushing of leaves under greedy feet, throbbing buds, all kinds of ways to scatter your semen around.’  


- Quote from "Fantasies Concerning the European Gay" by Gaiaboi (Daniel Cremer)

Some become lusty in the House of Sunrise. While for others Sunset is the time to come out to play as horny nightcrawlers. Transforming shadowy parks and forests into their enchanted gardens of forbidden delights, they are attracted by the heat of another body, feeling the rush of fresh air on the skin. These erotic free zones, throbbing with the promise of quick, anonymous fuck, are the escape valve and pulse of an underground gay scene that defies the compulsory heteropatriarchal norm but still is mostly dominated by cis masc men.


Therefore, after a looooooooong winter, let’s SNIFF and Squeeze One ANOTHER OUTSIDE!!! We are expanding the vocabulary of queer social hangouts, inviting erotic autonomy, freedom and access to queer cruising for all genitals. Skinship acknowledges and celebrates the ancient and unwritten choreography of cruising while radically bringing it into new, liberatory and exuberantly eco-sexual realms.


Opening it to all gender expressions and queer genitals - human and more-than human alike - we move slowly, softly and sensually while relishing in the thrill and the pleasure of meeting the unknown. Under the celestial sky we decenter the phallus and transcend the lure of the quick ejaculation as we explore new dimensions of the orgiastic and the erogenous.


What new cruising erotics can we unearth when we engage with each other and the forest with our bodies as one big, activated erotic field - to be pollinated, fumbled with and penetrated in all our pores and expanded orifices? How do you cruise in close proximity to your desires? How do you make swift decisions inside your own darkness? How long can you hold your own gaze? Trees are non-binary, so welcome to the new cruising era of wholesome treesomes!


💗 Skinship invites all human creatures and bodies 💗 


freaks*insecure*extroverted*ADHD+*fat*slim*faggs*femmes*critters*masc*t4tlovers*pussies*cracks*all-holes-are-cute*soft*shy*vulnerable*loud*Aces*sluTs*You - for a feral eco-sexual cruise into the woods.


The workshops and ceremonies are always body-based, pleasure-oriented, experimental and artistic. Using somatic practices, radical self-expression, games and exercises that raise body awareness, we encourage to break our patterns and habits related to our bodies, attractions, as well as our sense of belonging to self, each other and to nature. There will also be space to address the complexities, the

shame and shadows related to queer desires while living in this era.

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